Please contact me first to plan your booking then pay afterwards, using these buttons, or alternatives discussed.

Therapies are £45 per session - or packages are available if paid for in advance : 
10 sessions £400, or 6 for £250, or 4 for £175.                                       for a single session  /  or for a series of 4 sessions                         
/  or for 6 sessions                          /  or for a series of 10 sessions, spread out as you wish                           /  and we have a - 

Special offer £70 for 2 people booked together for sessions on the same visit                               I can also discount packages for 2 people.

Books are available directly from / - but I do have some books, tapes, and CD's not avail there.

Activities or Therapeutic Sessions in Care Homes, or Hospitals, etc are £175 per day. 
I can do 2 large or 4 smaller group sessions or several individual sessions in this time.

Poetry, Art, Storytelling, or Live Spray Painting for Arts Venues, Festivals etc - let's discuss what is possible!

Workshops in Schools are £175 per day.  I can split groups / classes to suit, possibly with a whole school introductory or finale session.

Stress Busting Workshops in Businesses are £250 per day, ideally working with several groups.

TRAVEL Costs may need to be added for any of the above (after discussion/agreement), or any other costs for things you may require.
You can add in increments of £5                        or £10                            (Cash or cheque payments can also be made though.)

You can of course also make a donation if you would like to help others who can't afford the full costs.  

Phone or Text Julia on:  0 7 7 0 7 - 2 0 0 4 9 4
Texts are best to reach me quickly and provide your details.
I can call back on my landline as soon as possible if needed, or text back, but either way I will respond to your text.

(I dislike voicemails as it is usually hard to decipher accurate details.)
but texting will be the quickest way to reach me, so it's still best to text to let me know to look for your email.
Thank you so much!