Please contact me first to plan your booking then pay afterwards, using these buttons, or alternatives discussed.

Therapies are £45 per session - or packages are available if paid for in advance : 
10 sessions £400, or 6 for £250, or 4 for £175.                                       for a single session  /  or for a series of 4 sessions                         
/  or for 6 sessions                          /  or for a series of 10 sessions, spread out as you wish                           /  and we have a - 

Special offer £70 for 2 people booked together for sessions on the same visit                               I can also discount packages for 2 people.

Books are available directly from / - but I do have some books, tapes, and CD's not avail there.

Activities or Therapeutic Sessions in Care Homes, or Hospitals, etc are £175 per day. 
I can do 2 large or 4 smaller group sessions or several individual sessions in this time.

Poetry, Art, Storytelling, or Live Spray Painting for Arts Venues, Festivals etc - let's discuss what is possible!

Workshops in Schools are £175 per day.  I can split groups / classes to suit, possibly with a whole school introductory or finale session.

Stress Busting Workshops in Businesses are £250 per day, ideally working with several groups.

TRAVEL Costs may need to be added for any of the above (after discussion/agreement), or any other costs for things you may require.
You can add in increments of £5                        or £10                            (Cash or cheque payments can also be made though.)

You can of course also make a donation if you would like to help others who can't afford the full costs.  

Ideally please TEXT me - Julia - on 0 7 7 0 7 - 2 0 0 4 9 4

Texts are best to reach me and provide your details.
I can call back as soon as possible or text back

but either way I will respond to your text.
(I dislike voicemails as it is usually hard to decipher accurate details.)

My email is -
but it's best to text to let me know to look for your email
(as new contacts often get sent to subsidiary or junk folders)

Thank you so much.