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Julia Woodman
is an Artist, Designer, Writer, and Therapist - in Dorking, Surrey, UK.



Julia is an artist who uses a variety of mediums and materials.

Her work is available via exhibitions and various websites.

She also paints live at festivals, and takes on a few commissions.

She also provides activity sessions in care homes.


Julia's art is also available on clothing, cards, stationery,

household & novelty products, etc via the internet.

Please link to the shops listed alongside

to see some items.


Julia writes books (including on Philosophy & Consciousness) and articles (including on health).

Julia does performances and workshops in schools, art centres, festivals, etc.

She also does stress busting etc workshops for businesses and the general public.



Julia's major Book is Out - "NO PARADOX - Living both in & outside of the Matrix".
Also now "A little book on Mastery".
Both are available from Amazon worldwide,
so are a few of her poetry collections, the ones not yet quite sold out.

Guides - available by email

Inspirational Material
Poet (inc workshop/reading info)
A few Songs & Poems



Julia has experience working in schools, including with
special needs children; and with elderly people, including
in care, and with PMLD people. 
She has also worked with other interested groups
such as writers groups, and with young adults
(and has run a youth forum).
She also has experience of leading meditation groups,
and doing stress busting workshops
and creates meditations / visualisations (including live) to suit
people's needs, some of which are available on YouTube.

Julia has philosophical / self help books
available on Amazon -
"No Paradox - Living both in & outside of the Matrix
(Theory, Exploration, Tools)"
and "A little book on 'Mastery'"
(more details of these are shown below)

There are also poetry collections available on Amazon under
her nickname Jay Woodman, or available directly from her via
She is currently working on more books, including a Novel

Apart from having originals and prints available from her or online,
Julia also uses her art digitally to create & design products on many
websites - so you can buy a huge range of stuff with her art on - such
as prints, canvasses, cards, clothing, accessories, household items,
materials, and even novelty items such as skateboards.

Some of the sites where Julia's work is available
(many are USA based, but Zazzle has sites in UK or USA
and in other countries)* or* and or and and plus
(most items here are printed all over), and and and and and and -
and more.

On many of these you can sign up as an AFFILIATE
and EARN commission!

Julia is has already completed a lot of training, and continues to study.
She is currently doing Art Therapy and Mindfulness in Mental Health Diploma Courses.

She is already trained as a Life Coach, Stress Consultant, Counsellor (including with families),
Healer, Dowser, Thai hand & foot massage therapist,
and Nutritional Therapist (including offering online programmes). 

She also has an NVQ3 for Workers in Schools, a Care Certificate, and an up to date DBS.

You can contact Julia via text ideally on 07707 200 494
or you may email her via -
but please do also text that you have done so (with your email address) to ensure it does not get missed.


You can join Julia Woodman on her social media pages:
Goodreads & Twitter & Pinterest & Facebook
SoundCloud & YouTube & Google+
also on her
She writes for the Natural News Blog in the USA too.

Plus please do follow Julia's blog for the Books -
"No Paradox - Living both in & oustide of The Matrix"
and "A little book on Mastery".
Both are of these books are available on Amazon worldwide,
so are a few copies of her poetry collections not yet sold out.

Several more books are in progress:
"Beings of Light", "Sacred Perspectives", "Confirming your Joy",
"Back to The Garden", plus a series of NOVELS.

You can join the "Back to The Garden" Facebook Group &
get involoved with subtle activism & information sharing.

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 Some Design Shops
 & plus
FineArtAmerica & RedBubble (int),
SaatchiArt,  Society6,  SkyYou,
ArtsAdd,  RageOn,  CowCow,  Curioos,

​Therapies are available one-to-one or with families or couples.
I also lead workshops such as "Stress Busting", "Meditation", and "Mindfulness",
or on personal development themes - in businesses and other group venues.
I can give talks on these topics too, as well as on Nutrition, and Well-being.
I can do Poetry, Art, and Storytelling in Shools, Arts Centres, Festivals, Gardens, etc,
as well as lead various Activity Sessions in care homes.
I have edited magazines and founded / organised a festival and other events.


  My latest Poetry & Art (+) collection "2020 VISION" is now available FREE to share:



Published July 2020, it contains many recent poems, including ones relating to events of this year, plus a few old favourites, and colourful art.
Completely free to read and share.



ArtDesignWrite ( & .com) is now part of this site -

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