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Julia Woodman


. . . to help Heal, Nurture, Inspire, & Support . . .
                                     Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart & Soul

 Healing is a natural holistic process bringing overall balance and perspective.  I also create Meditations & use Mindfulness.
 My other therapies bring additional skills that may be used to support & nurture the being.  I am a nutritional therapist,
stress consultant, counsellor, & life coach, and do thai hand & foot massage, indian head massage, & aromatherapy.

 My third way is to offer inspiration & knowledge through creative skills, books, articles, and information sharing. 

Communication & Relationships

                Effective Communication

              is needed in all our
  (whether at Work,
 or with Family,
 Lovers, or Friends). 
Let's get it right. 

It's really worth it. 
We can help. 

Curiosity & Attention


With Curiosity & Attention we thrive in the world - we are keen to learn & expereience, and to witness all life's details - we can live with grace & joy.

Empowerment & Self Esteem

Stress Management is essential to enable you to cope with anything life throws at you & have the strength to be TRULY you.


Life Coaching helps you to find what it is that you want to do - all the little things as well as the big ones - and helps you to actually achieve those personal goals.


We are here with heart & soul to help.  
Do please click on the image below for our main website and/or take more of a look around here - we hope to inspire you, at least a little.

There is so much more to share here (via tabs at top & bottom of each page) and on other websites - but if you can't find what you're looking for - please just ask - many items and services stem from questions posed by others!, including some of the articles in our TOOLKIT and Blogs.

Stress Management & Life Coaching

Click on the images below to check out the lovebeings of light web pages. 







Be Social & Share - Please do use our social media links at the top right of our pages to share the creativity & philosophy so that others can benefit.

Please see the
 Who I am & What I do page 
for details of the many ways
I could be of service.

It's an essential human characteristic to be curious. It's totally natural to want to find out about everything.  But are we curious enough to pay proper attention to details?  Do we notice the beauty in small things?  Do we notice what is going on in our own minds and bodies?  Do we hear the song of the birds and feel the joy in our hearts on the way to work?  Are we content enough with our lives to experience a sense of grace in our being here?​  Are we aware enough to be at peace with ourselves?

You really matter - those around you really matter - we can optimize our experience of being here by becoming comfortable with ourselves, when alone, as well as when interacting with others.

Thank you!

Gain confidence through ways of looking at things & use of techniques.  Respect & enable yourself to make your place in this world, choosing how you want your life to be.


Universal Words & Art

Philosophy, Stories, Poetry, 

Words & Images to refresh, ease and inspire.

Ideally please text Julia on
0 7 7 0 7 - 2 0 0 4 9 4
Texts are best to reach me & provide your details.

I can call back as soon as possible or text back
but either way I will respond to your text.

(I dislike voicemails as it is usually hard to decipher accurate details.)

My email is
but it is best to text to let me know to look for your email
(as new contacts often go to subsidiary or junk folders)

Thank you so much!

Many ARTICLES are available, including:


This site incorporates for 
Total Well-being & for Creativity.
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This site incorporates for Total Well-being & for Creativity.
These Terms and Conditions apply.

Katgaroo drinking from Rainbow Teardrops.

 Landscape on garage wall 2019 
 Click on these 2 to see bigger size images 

Incoming Weather -
spray painted live
at festival 2019

Life Ignition - 
spray painted live
at festival 2017 
and clothing 

made from it.

Bringing Life 
spray painting 
and clothing 

made from it.

Pleasure Island (right)

Hills & Sea
Design Gown 

Catalyst or
Lava Flow


Arrival (above)

Coastal Frequencies

Xtine's Nebula / Dreaming Bench

Healiing . . . .

Aflame with Flower (Gouache as Watercolour)

 LOTS more below ! 

Swampy Garden Phone Case

Blue & Gold & Purple Fern Patch Designs





 Flight of Evolution 

Sun Dancer
& Moon Dancer & 
Dancing Gardener

Mountain Murmur & Language of Forest

Purple Feathered Horses



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