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. . . . . to help Heal, Nurture, Inspire, & Support  -  Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart & Soul . . . . .

Julia Woodman is a Healer, Writer, Artist, Designer, and Multi-Therapist


Therapies are available one-to-one or with families or couples.  I also lead workshops such as "Stress Busting", "Meditation", and "Mindfulness", or on personal development themes - in businesses and other group venues.  I can give talks on these topics too, as well as on Nutrition, and Well-being.  I can do Poetry, Art, and Storytelling in Shools, Arts Centres, Festivals, Gardens, etc, as well as lead various Activity Sessions in care homes.  There are more details in the left column.


My latest Poetry & Art (+) collection "2020 VISION" is now available FREE to share:




Published July 2020, it contains many recent poems, including ones relating to events of this year, plus a few old favourites, and colourful art. Completely free to read and share.

Many things help balance, empower & enrich our lives, bringing peace, joy, well-being & fulfillment . . 


I grew up in a rural S Africa then moved to Cape Town.  Despite working in financial jobs early on, I've always been a Writer, Artist, and amateur Philospher, having much work published.  I enjoy both solitude, and the company of others, and like helping people. 

After some years of travelling & exploration, then settling in the UK and having my two sons, I studied to be a
Healer, and got a lot of experience helping many people of all ages in this way.  I was also voted into various committee roles, serving in a large organisation relating to this work.

I then added 
Counselling, Stress Management (including Meditation), and Life Coaching, as these seemed to be useful extra tools.  I have worked with businesses and other groups in these areas, as well as with individuals, couples, and families.  Self Esteem and Communication are often key factors, and I love to empower people.  Life Coaching is a practical way of helping people identify what they want to focus on and plan ways of achieving goals.

After that I studied 
Thai Hand & Foot Massage, then Nutrition (& Epiginetics), then Mindfulness in Mental Health, plus CBT and DBT, to expand my ways of helping people. I've also now added Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, plus Indian Head Massage.

I enjoy learning new things, so I'm still doing further studies such as in Functional Medicine, Mental Health & Nutrition, Art Therapy, and several more Massage techniques (inc Myofascial Release & Joint Mobilisation, Shiatsu, and Spa Massage Therapy), plus Herbalsim, Hypnosis Therapy,
Naturopathy, and Acupressure.

I love learning from other professionals around the world, networking, and sharing information, to help people optimise their overall well-being.

As a therapist I mostly visit people in their own homes as I do not currently have premises, but am always interested in other opportunities.

I've recently been working as a Carer and Activities Co-ordinator then Manager in many settings, mostly in homes for the elderly, with individuals & groups, including doing singing, exercise sessions, arts, writing & reading, storytelling, games, hand & foot massage, taking people for walks, stimulating discussions & brain stretching activities.  I've done mediation, mentoring, and advocacy in the past too, including for children, and have worked in schools.  I have a Care Certificate, plus an NVQ3 for workers in schools & a clean DBS certificate.

I've also worked as a Personal Advisor to Young People leaving the care system, helping them settle into independent living, and supporting them as a Service User Involvement Officer, including running a Youth Forum, planning Events, Training them to help  interview for new staff, and enabling them to discuss their experiences with trainee social workers, plus have a say in policy developments.

I write various types of books, guides, articles, stories, inspirational materials, and humorous nonsense.  I founded a festival in Yorkshire and have organised other events in the South.  I'm a professional Poet, Artist, and Designer as well, performing and running workshops in many places around the UK and in the USA, such as in schools, outdoor venues, and art groups, plus on radio and TV.  I use my art to design clothing, household, & other items online.  

My husband, Chris Larn, is a musician and singer / songwriter, plus a fellow venturer in the arenas of consciousness & philosophical, so we can do joint projects should anyone wish to invite us to.  We are based in Dorking in Surrey, UK, but can travel.  

What If?

Julia Woodman is the Author of
"No Paradox -
Living both in and outside
of the Matrix

Available via Amazon.

Painting Live at Festivals . . .

                Talks . . .



Coaching . .

Meditation, Inspiration . . .

Works installed at 
local station . . .

Exhibitions . . .

Self Esteem, Communication, Empowerment,
Balance . . .

Books, Readings, Poetry,
         Consciousness . . . . . .

More Meditations etc

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 Please see top right area of page for latest books - 
 the one just published is absolutely FREE to read and share. 

Ideally please TEXT me - Julia - on 0 7 7 0 7 - 2 0 0 4 9 4

Texts are best to reach me and provide your details.
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My email is -
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Thank you so much.

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